About Us

Established  in 2006 and formerly trading as Muzza Training, Queensland Training and Development are an established  highly flexible RTO in the Mackay Region offering courses 7 Days a Week.

Our mission is to provide training to meet the needs of the industry and clients to Australia Industry Standards.  In its role as a Registered Training Organisation Queensland Training and Development provides National Recognised Training that caters for the mining, construction, oil, gas and aviation industries.  The Aim is to provide training for individuals to be able to enter any industry workforce.

Queensland Training and Development achieves its mission and goals by being a Registered Training Organisation of excellence and by continuously improving the quality of service and performance to clients and industry.

Queensland Training and Development implements a range of monitoring and review processes and complies with external monitoring requirements.  The internal review processes include:

  • Annual Internal Audit of Queensland Training and Development services policy and procedures.
  • Continuous improvement processes
  • Implementation and review of the Risk Management Strategy
  • Review of partnership arrangement
  • Monitoring of professional development activities of QTAD Staff
  • Client feedback in the form of evaluation of training and employer surveys
  • Assessment validation and moderation strategies
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All staff members involved in Queensland Training and Development are responsible for the communication, enthusiastic promotion and implementation of this policy and for co-operating with other staff to improve common areas of responsibility.  All Queensland Training and Development staff and contractors are ultimately accountable to the Chief Executive Officer and are expected to participate fully in implementing the Quality Policy.